Double carma

I mean karma.

Yesterday I posted a way-too long tale about my car, its woes, and some not-so-great customer experiences. Hours after I posted, following a nice workout and while enroute to lunch, my car’s engine warning light went on. Yellow warning light. On my dashboard. Which has never happened, expect for the occasional, “you’re almost out of gas” nudge.

They couldn’t service it on a Saturday so it was my choice to drive it (the light could mean many things) or to leave it. I left it. In its place I got a white Scion xB. Low to the ground and so not me. My dog barks at it every time I pull into the driveway. Oh well, Murphy’s Law I suppose.

It’s gonna be a very crazy week with or without car troubles. Let’s hope it’s just a minor thing.

  1. #1 by Ekovox on July 4, 2008 - 4:56 pm


    I am so sorry you have such disparaging feelings toward the Scion XB. I, on the other hand, feel it represents me just fine. Modern American Dork.

    I have been driving the Scion XB since 2004, the year they came out. So, I have the original one that looks like a UPS van that has spent too much time in the dryer. Cousin Wendy says it looks like a Ringling Brothers clown car.

    When I first began driving it, the other six XB owners in Humboldt County would wave frantically, as if to say; “Look! I’m a dork, too”
    Sigh, I knew I had found my people.

    Welcome to the blogosphere. We have quite a blog community up in Humboldt County. Probably twenty-five active blogs total. We are going to get together on the 21st of September for what we believe may be the first of many annual Blogger’s Potluck Picnics. It should be hilarious. The political activist noshing with the cub-scout den mother while the model train collector discusses 1/24th gauge locomotives with the anti-logging forest defender.

    If you care to enter into the world of Cousin Wendy (Ladyfriend) and my twisted world (Ekovox), I urge you to visit my site.

    Just google: “299 Opine” ( I haven’t figured out all of those nifty ways to use hackers code to attach a link.)

    We will be following your writings and commenting much like the two old men critics on the Muppet Show.

    Oh, and just wear a disquise when driving the Scion, within a few days, the horrible experience will be over.

    Ross (Cousin Wendy’s dork man friend)

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