Crappy mobile video of Frances and Mickey

It’s crappy. I’m warning you. Looks much better in a small 2-inch screen. but I’m adding it here,  just for prosperity. I took this video with my old Treo in July 2007. I had just given Fran and Mick a bath and they did their trademark running around the house. If you look closely, you can see that the “toy” in Mickey’s mouth is Shelly’s slipper. Keep in mind, that when this was taken, Frances was 6 and Mickey was probably 14.

Hopefully, this is my last Mickey-specific post. It’s been harder than we could have imagined. Watching this is the last time I get to say “hey bubba” (one of the many nicknames we had for him). I wish we had taken more videos of the little guy. He was so much fun to watch.


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