Our last day in Rome

Today we took it easy – we only walked about four hours. We walked across a bridge toward our Internet café and into the Jewish Ghetto. The buildings were ancient and remarkably, in great condition and still serving as homes. Ancient Roman ruins dotted the area.

I ate a falafel and Shelly had a chicken schnitzel that looked like it could be the sole of a shoe. A nice shoe, but a sole nonetheless. Let’s just say that she was still hungry after she ate it.

After nearly an hour on the Internet (this time round, he didn’t need to photocopy our passports for terrorist reasons), we walked back toward our neighborhood and ended up at an inside/outside restaurant. Shelly wanted a salad and an iced tea, and I wanted dessert. Only problem was that they were out of most of their desserts. And their iced teas were flavored and sugared. She had to pull the “five easy pieces” version of ordering iced tea, so hot water, a black tea bag, and a separate glass of ice. She pulled it off with a combination of bad Italian, English, and Spanish. A real specialty. She also ordered a pizza margarita which I promised to help eat. As we were waiting, the restaurant received order upon order of goods for the evening: huge plastic bags of meat, plastic cups (for water for those ordering espressos at the bar), sacks of who knows what, etc.

Men in suits stopped by the bar, stood, ordered, drank water out of plastic cups, got their espressos, dumped in sugar packets, downed the espresso, licked their spoons, paid their bills at the cashier, and continued on down the street.

As for our food, Shelly’s salad came with tuna, and the pizza looked incredible. I did help out and got about halfway through it before Shelly started in.

That night we each got a gelato (yoghurt for Shelly, and a three-parter for me: yoghurt, caramel, and hazelnut chocolate), hung out in the square, and watched two Cirque de Soleil rejects entertain the crowd before it started to thunder, lightening, and rain. Back at the apartment, we packed and cleaned up.

A simple cheese pizza, but very good

A simple cheese pizza, but very good

I know Shelly’s going to miss our apartment and the loads of laundry she did. Unlike the locals, we hung our laundry out to dry inside the apartment.

Arrivederci little Trastevere apartment.

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