Love letter to Skype

One of the dilemmas I pondered before going to Italy – get mobile coverage for my iPhone or rely on free wifi and pay for Skype credit? I use Skype to talk with a coworker in the Netherlands, so it’s already on my laptop.

I decided to go with the latter. I used the iPhone for music and games, the computer for everything else. Why did we want phone coverage in Italy in the first place? To call Shelly’s sister, Laurie, in the U.S. on her birthday, of course. I bought the minimum $10 Skype credit thinking that would easily cover the call and still be cheaper than international mobile rates.

Well, we ended up using Skype more than for the 40-minute birthday phone call. We got an email from Citizen Canine saying that our dog, Frances, took sick earlier this week. She has existing conditions, so even little things with her cannot go untreated. As we were figuring out what to do, Shelly said to Skype them, and I did. We decided on a course of action and a couple of days later, Frances is better. Thank you, Skype.

Aside from the birthday call, the dog-emergency call, we used Skype one final time. We needed to get information for our Heathrow to SFO flight, so Shelly called British Airways in the UK from our Milan hotel room. Again, Skype worked perfectly.

Oh, and so far, our Skype calls have cost – $1.26.

So, that’s my love letter to Skype. I’m just really impressed.

Thank you, Skype.

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