Taking a safe walk to the bus stop

Last week, BART was a mess, so I decided to walk the few blocks from home and catch the AC Transit transbay bus. I’ve taken this bus only when BART is not an option. It’s nearly door-to-door, but because I cannot read on the bus, it’s almost a waste of my time. Almost.

Anyway, for my two-ish block walk to the bus, I take a short cut down through a cul-de-sac and over a broken sidewalk, and up MacArthur Blvd., which is a main thoroughfare through all the questionable parts of Oakland. On this walk, it’s not unusual for me to step over or around: litter, used condoms, condom packets, pieces of hair extensions, balls of discarded real hair, broken bottles, empty liquor bottles, cigarette butts, more trash, pocket sized ads for palm readers and upcoming music shows, and you get the picture.

Only on this day, the trash was different. Anyone lose their safe? I don’t think it locks anymore.

Simmons Street Safe

Simmons Street Safe

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