Move over Hawaii, Italy here we come

It’s February. The time of the year when Shelly and I make an almost annual pilgrimage to Hawaii (insert: island du jour). Well, Hawaii’s not going to happen any time soon. One of the benefits of living abroad is that a two-hour flight can get you pretty much anywhere in Europe. And so, our first holiday as expats takes us to Sorrento, Italy.

Up at 4am on Thursday. At Gatwick by 6:30. Our first easyJet experience and not a bad one at all. The plane was a bit too tiny for Shelly, so down the xanax went. We flew into Naples directly over Mt. Vesuvius, I think.

The drive to Sorrento: Blue water on the right, lemon and orange trees everywhere, artichoke plants, scooters, stray dogs …

Lunch was at a touristy spot, but we were hungry and a lot of places were closed. Hard to say no to a caprese salad and grilled veggies. Funny, but the gelato places were not closed, so had to try some. Pistachio, sacher, and orzo. Best pistachio gelato ever.

We’re staying at the Magi House, a quiet apartment with a kitchen. Our usual. So, we did our first food shopping from small little markets around the corner from our apartment. Veggies, fruit, and some amazing cheese. Oh, and the fridge here is larger than the one in our Richmond flat. It doesn’t take much to make us happy.

Dinner was salad, bufalo mozzarella, olives, and bread, and Al Jazeera. Mubarak didn’t step down after all.

We began the second day with a two-hour walk down to the marina and through town. Sorrento is quiet right now. Shops and restaurants are closed down until high season. It is so sleepy here right now and fun to explore that I simply cannot imagine it when it’s full of tourists.

More food shopping. Lunch was olives, cheese, and marinated eggplant. Food can’t taste any better than this.

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